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General Advice

Asbestos related illness could take 10 - 50 years to develop. 

Although difficult, if exposure to asbestos has occurred as a result of employment, statements should be obtained from any witness at the time of the exposure. These should be kept in a safe place in case you develop an asbestos related disease in future, as it can be very difficult locating witnesses many years after exposure.

If you develop breathing problems make sure that your doctor etc. is made aware of any possible past exposure to asbestos. Make a record of your employment history including employer, dates, employer’s business, your job and what it entailed, your place of work and any other information that is relevant to proving your employment. This will help with any claims made on your behalf.

Death from Asbestos related illness. 

In cases of death due to an asbestos related disease the Coroner will normally ask for a post mortem examination to help establish the cause of death and maybe ask for an inquest.

We are here to help you throughout, as well as answering any questions you may have about this process.

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