CAVSG stall
CAVSG stall

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Caravan exterior
Caravan exterior

This four-berth (two-bedroom) caravan provides the chance for victims to have a holiday at a five star Caravan and Leisure park.

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CAVSG stall
CAVSG stall

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Welcome to the home of The Cheshire Asbestos Victims Support Group, also known as CAVSG. Here you will find information about the charity, what we stand for and what we do. Please feel free to take a look around our new website, we hope it is informative and beneficial to all who visit the site. 


About Us

The Cheshire Asbestos Victims Support Group was formed in 1992, by members / volunteers who had been actively involved in campaign issues, relating to asbestos, since the early 1980’s. The group gained Charity Status in 1994.

The group changed its direction from campaign work to support work for victims of an asbestos related disease and their families. The intention was to ensure that all those that were affected by asbestos diseases, in Cheshire, had access to help, information, advice and support. It was felt that if victims were encouraged to pursue claims for their illness then this would help to improve their quality of life and make asbestos uninsurable thus adding weight to the fight for an asbestos ban. The group still actively campaign on many issues involving asbestos victims and their families. In 1999 the UK eventually banned the import and use of asbestos.

The group operates an equal opportunity policy and everyone is welcome regardless of their age, sex, race, religion etc.

All services provided are entirely free to victims of asbestos related illness and/or their families.

The group has no vested interest in any company or statutory organisation.

Advice given to victims is completely independent and non-profit making.

The Work of the Group

​The Policies of the group are determined by a constitution and overseen by a management Committee. The financing of the project is achieved by a small grant from Halton Borough Council, generous donations from sufferers / families and supporters of the group.


We have a panel of Solicitors who specialise in asbestos civil claims. Each Solicitor donates a sum of £7,000 on a yearly basis to support the valuable work we undertake and enables us to employ a part time Client Advisor and Administration worker. Our panel are completely independent of the group and will always act in the best interest of the client.

In 1998, The Mayor of Halton Mr Tony McDermott, nominated the CAVSG as his charity of the year. The money raised was used to purchase our first respite caravan in 1999. In 2000 we were successful in obtaining a grant form the national lottery to purchase a ramp for the respite caravan to provide disabled access. In 2007 we were able to upgrade the respite caravan, through the sale of the existing caravan and a generous donation of £15,000 from the Rocksavage Power Company Limited, which is situated on a five star site in Dyserth North Wales. The Four berth, two bedroom caravan provides much needed rest and relaxation for sufferers / families affected by asbestos related diseases.  

Connect with Us


3 Fryer Street



+44(0)1928 576641


+44(0)1928 576649



  • Advice and assistance is given on the benefits available to those suffering with an asbestos related illness.

  • Advice and assistance is given to the families of those who have died as result of asbestos related illness.

  • A drop-in facility and 24-hour Answerphone are provided for those who need advice or simply want someone to talk to that understands.

  • Provides information on asbestos and creates awareness to the dangers of asbestos to the public in general. 

  • We participate in Local, National, European and Worldwide issues regarding asbestos.

  • We have representatives that attend the All Party Parliamentary Panel on asbestos.

  • Work closely with voluntary and statutory organizations for the benefit of sufferers and their families.

  • Makes representations on behalf of clients and attend inquests and tribunals.

  • Provide respite facilities through our respite caravan.

  • Identify and raise issues concerning asbestos victims and their families.

  • Create an awareness of the dangers of asbestos at work and home. 

  • The group is currently generating a database of those who have worked with asbestos to assist victims in the location of witnesses.

Please note. This information is strictly confidential and will  NOT be released without prior written consent from those on our files.