How Can You Help?

Feedback : It is essential, for continued funding, that the group can show that there is a need for our services and that we make a difference to those that use them. It would assist the group greatly if you could let us know about the outcomes of the services that we provide.


This can be done in many ways but some examples are:

  • Let us know if you receive benefits or payments as a result of our advice

  • If you have been given clear and helpful information 

  • That you have been assisted in a courteous and helpful manner

  • If you have any complaints or suggestions

  • If you benefit from the use of the Respite Caravan

  • The manner and time we take to respond to your enquiry

  • The treatment that you receive where we make a referral e.g. Solicitor

These are only a few examples but feel free to respond in any way you think appropriate.


Donations: Donations are always gratefully received no matter how small and will be used to assist victims of asbestos related disease and their families

Affiliation : For a small annual subscription you can become an associate member of our group with the option to renew each year.

Spare Time: If you have an hour or two to spare and would like to assist the group in its activities please contact us for further information.

Talk: Tell other people about the group and its activities.