Our Projects

The CAVSG offers support for victims of asbestos related disease and their families. The intention is to ensure that all those that were and are affected by asbestos diseases, in Cheshire, have access to help, information, advice and support. The group actively campaigns on many issues involving asbestos for victims and their families.
In 1999 the UK eventually banned the import and use of asbestos, but asbestos still affects the lives of many today. 
 Awareness of  Asbestos 

Asbestos has been used in industries dating back to the 19th Century. The use of asbestos and exposure to it has caused many conditions and diseases. The use of asbestos was only banned in the UK in 1999 and the impact can still be seen today. Asbestos related diseases could take 10-50 years to develop from first exposure to asbestos. There are difficulties in diagnosis especially at the early stages. All conditions are progressive over the years. Find out more about asbestos and the conditions / diseases associated to it.


Fundraising is crucial to help support the work of the group. Could you help? It could be some simple from a sponsored walk, bike ride, fun run.


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The Respite Caravan

One of the Projects to help support the victims of asbestos is with our Respite Caravan providing the chance for victims to have a holiday at a five star Caravan and Leisure park.

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Through many kind and generous sponsors the CAVSG has been able to improve the lives of so many victims and their families. See how money has been used by clicking on the read more button below.


Donations are always gratefully received no matter how small and will be used to assist victims of asbestos related disease and their families. Donations can come in many forms, not just monetary giving. You could also  donate by:

Affiliation : For a small annual subscription you can become an associate member of our group with the option to renew each year.

Spare Time: If you have an hour or two to spare and would like to assist the group in its activities please contact us for further information.

Talk: Tell other people about the group and its activities.